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Top Tips for Natural Eczema Relief

It truly can feel like torture. The underlying itching of eczema can be annoying, but the flares? For some people, it can be completely maddening. Especially when antihistamines don’t even work.

New research out of Washington University tells us WHY these acute flares of itching might not respond to typical medications.

It’s because the sensation is transmitted to the brain by a different mechanism. Whereas most itching is mediated by histamine (hence the use of antihistamines), acute eczema flares can create crazy itching via activation of IgE and basophils— but not histamine!

The researchers think this is really great because they can develop new drugs that deal with basophils instead of histamine.

I think we need to get to the root cause

The rashes and itching of eczema are only on the surface. They are clues that your body needs balancing on a deeper level. Maybe you would benefit most from...

  • Probiotics to optimize gut immunity

  • Omega-3s to quell inflammation

  • Quercetin to stabilize the immune response

  • Antioxidants to detox and strengthen immune health

  • Other specific supplements to balance out the immune response

Every person is unique. The goal of functional medicine is to find the root cause and fix that. The result? Your symptoms improve naturally. And the benefits last.☺️

Learn more about how we can help with things like allergies, asthma, eczema, and more by clicking through to our website.

Reference Wang F, Trier AM, Li F et al. A basophil-neuronal axis promotes itch. Cell. 2021; 184: 422-440.

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