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Healthcare is one of the major reasons why 70% of Americans have less than $1K in their savings accounts even though most of them obtain their health benefits through their jobs. We want to help employers provide access to high quality healthcare for their employees and at the same time save money.

We know the challenges that small business owners face when they are searching for health coverage. Each year they are left with less options and higher premiums. Employers can decrease their healthcare spending by adding valuable benefits, such as direct primary care.

Primary care claims make up 90% of all insurance claims. Our services can absorb the cost associated with your employees’ primary care, including unnecessary emergency care visits by providing your Employees access to unlimited primary care and minor urgent care.This will help reduce claims against your policy and keep your premiums from skyrocketing.

Your employees will have direct access to a doctor who they can reach out to address concerns quickly. They can contact the doctor via text, phone or email or they can be seen on the same day or next-day. We also provide virtual telemedicine visits for our members, reducing time spent away from the job. In addition, we provide access to discounted generic medications, labs, imaging, procedures and we coordinate specialty care. We really strive to find affordable options for them in case they need other services.

These benefits & services will help reduce days out of work, will make your staff more likely to stay healthy and stay on the job. It can help set your business apart and enable you to attract and retain your best employees.

If you are looking to provide a better healthcare option at a lower cost, consider changing to a less expensive high deductible plan or health sharing program and offer our membership as a tangible benefit so your employees have unlimited access to comprehensive high quality healthcare.

If you have fewer than 50 employees and not required to provide health insurance, providing our membership is a valuable health benefit that will give your employees highly personalized healthcare.

There are different ways to pay for this great benefit for your employees.

Employers can pay anywhere from 0% to 100% of the membership fee.

We are happy to set up split billing to bill your employee for the remaining balance.

We ask each employee to put a method of payment on file for medications and labs.

An HSA can be used for our services and all benefits (each patient should consult with their accountant prior to use their HSA).

Employers can use a payroll deduction, allowing their employees to contribute 0-100%.

If you are looking for something more specific for your business or missing the old-time concept of a company doctor, let us know. We can work on tailoring our program to fit your business needs.

We have a simplified Price Structure and/or Discounted Enrollment Fees available to Employer Groups of 5-50 Employees (Contact us for more information).

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