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Medication Prices 

Medication costs are inevitable. Unfortunately, we all have medical needs that sometimes require prescription drugs to treat. However, we believe that medication prices are often way too high. Our promise to you is to ensure that we are always offering the lowest medication prices that we can, so that when things happen, you aren’t paying more than you should for the treatments we’re recommending. We offer all wholesale medication prices so that our savings are directly extended to you. Not only that...but forget the long waits at the pharmacy. You can get your medication conveniently on-site.

We think you’ll notice the difference between our medication costs, and those you’ve paid in the past!

Here are just a few examples of medications cost comparisons at our practice:

*Posted retail prices are based on GoodRx and are the lowest public prices available outside of insurance and DPC.


Other medications are available. Please contact us if you have questions.

**Prices are subject to change.

***We do not dispense ANY controlled medications or narcotics at our office.***

At Synergize DPC, our medication prices are meant to be affordable and transparent, so that you always know what to expect.  All medication prices will be made available to you before prescriptions are filled. Please contact us if you have questions about these or any other specific medication cost.

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