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What if You Could Feel Amazing Again?

Imagine waking up feeling rested, light on your feet, and ready to take on the day without hormonal chaos…

Balance your hormones and improve the way you feel!

Enjoy incredibly filling, flavorful, and energy boosting meals!

Reclaim your body and start to feel like yourself again!

Welcome to your new life!

Introducing my signature…


Seize this moment, you have an opportunity to…
  • Start enjoying meals without pain and discomfort accompanied by indigestion, inflammation, and irritation of the gut.

  • Reward yourself with a huge menu that includes more than just vegetarian or vegan dishes.

  • Provide healthier habits not just for yourself, but your family as well.

  • Fire up your metabolism for maximizing your hours so you get more done in less time without feeling exhausted.

  • Learn about your body in the most available in-depth manner with detailed DUTCH Testing and results by a highly-experienced functional medicine physician.



Are you ready for everything to change for the better?
I know you can do this, but it's up to you to get the results you’ve been wishing for.
Say ‘YES’ today!


No more excuses, it's time to make a real commitment to yourself and your body. Rid yourself of the toxic excess that is stuck within your bloodstream and your fat cells.


As you move through your 12-week program, I know you’ll feel amazing in NO time!


If you’re waiting for the perfect moment, you’ll be waiting forever.

  • You’ll never have to order out again, I’ll teach you how to buy the right things and making shopping for good, delicious food that much easier!

  • Discover and gauge your hormone health with the in-depth questionnaire and DUTCH Testing to customize your experience and get the best results imaginable.

  • Learn more about your endocrine system, think of it as a simple refresher course because when you empower your mind –– you power up your body.


You aren’t the first person to struggle with diet and hormonal disruption, and you won’t be the last! Everyday I meet with people, just like you, who often find themselves crashing in the afternoon. They’re exhausted, grouchy, and they just can’t seem to get it right when it comes to getting enough energy through sleep. The excess weight will not go away...even with giving it all the effort you possibly can!


Nothing is more frustrating than when you truly want to make the necessary changes to your life and your diet, but you don’t know how. But, with the right tools and the best know-how, it becomes a completely natural part of your day to day routine. It’ll be EFFORTLESS!


 Stop wasting time dreaming about feeling good and take action NOW.
Stop living with digestion, inflammation and discomfort NOW!
Don’t you want to take back your life?


My name is Dr Felecia Sumner, I’m a board-certified family medicine physician and wellness strategist. I help busy women struggling with their weight, mood and energy levels get to the root cause of their symptoms and get their sexy back!😉


I created this program because I want more women to feel as great as I do now! About 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, then I eventually suffered from severe fatigue and somewhat unpredictable yet painful periods. Even though I was making the “traditional changes” to my diet, I wasn’t feeling any better and started feeling more depressed and anxious. It wasn’t until later research that I found out on my own I had adrenal-type PCOS. Even as a doctor, it was super hard for me to get the right diagnosis!


That’s when I realized I had to get serious about figuring things out on my own - I read sooooo many medical journals and books that it must’ve been fate - I discovered the world of functional and wholistic medicine🙌🏾. I changed my diet to organic, whole foods, less carbs and stuck to that plan, just to feel good. I did some outside testing to see what was going on with my gut and hormone levels (sadly, most doctors including me had never even heard of these important tests before), adjusted food and herbs for my hormones and really put my diet to the test. It worked!


Today, I feel great...better than I did in my early 20’s. I do yoga 3-4 times per week and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep😴(as long as my kids allow me to😂). I know my stress and food triggers for weight gain, bloating, or headaches.

There is so much information on the web and around the world regarding food. It's easy to feel intimidated and defeated before you even start. Don’t get discouraged, you’re not competing with anyone! Work at your own pace, and feel free to ask questions, I’m here to help you.


“I used to love putting my outfits together, until everything stopped fitting. I was stuck in hormone HELL. I had gained weight, and I was always too exhausted to lace up my running shoes. I was wearing sweatpants everywhere I went...until I started applying the hormone detox to my life. Now I can fit into my old jeans with confidence, and rarely do I find myself lagging at the end of the day. I couldn’t have done it without this program!”


- Robin S.

“OMG! I can’t speak highly enough of this program and the change it has made in my life. Dr Sumner put the “puzzle pieces” together in a way that will allow me to approach my health in a much more intentional way. I thought my genes were working against me, but I didn’t realize that my choices were actually sabotaging my weight! Once I was able to develop a more personal diet and exercise regimen based on my stress and hormonal axis, I saw the weight improve like never before. I’ve told all my girlfriends about this program. So. worth. It.” 


- Jamie R.

“As a mom, I really strive to set a great example for my kids, but I found myself moody and often not feeling like myself. Re-learning how to eat the right way opened my eyes to how much more energy I had, and how much happier my kids were too because they ate the meals with me!”


- Samantha P.

“I literally burst into tears when Dr Sumner reviewed the DUTCH Test results to me! All of the things I’d been struggling with for years finally had a REAL explanation. All of this time I’d been told my labs were “normal” when so much was brewing inside but not noticeable to other doctors. With the right kind of changes to my diets and repleting nutrients I didn’t know I was deficient in, I’ve been able to get my energy and mood back on track. I feel soooo much better, and I can’t thank Dr Sumner enough”


- Joy F.

So, when should you start?

The hardest part of getting healthy for most people is the beginning. The idea of restricting yourself feels like a terrifying commitment. In our minds we can sometimes compare it to:

  • Giving up your freedom, but you aren’t! Everytime you drink a soda or consume something that has white grains or corn syrup, you become more and more addicted to it...that is giving up freedom.

  • Going against what we’re taught, because people aren’t comfortable with change. Sure, it's easy for friends and family to criticize or poke fun at your choice to start Meatless Mondays. However, later on they’ll be asking why your skin is glowing, and how you were able to go down a pant size.

  • Giving into a fad...look, I get that there are a million diet schemes out there. This isn’t one of those though, you aren’t going to lose 20 pounds in 7 days or go on a lemon-water fast.


You’re going to get real, timely results, just as long as you stick to the program.



What Will You Get?
  • Personalized DUTCH testing and interpretation to take an in-depth look at your hormonal imbalances, accompanied by a 60-minute one-on-one review of results by me - Dr Sumner - as I recommend the best vitamins/supplements/herbs to get your hormones back on track!


  • A full 29 page Guide on the Hormone Detox that includes extensive information on Detox 101, Liver Congestion, Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, Estrogen Metabolism, and plenty more. Conquer your mood swings, curb fatigue, and eliminate the night sweats that are accompanied by hormonal disruption.

  • A Hormone Self-Test that works like a questionnaire, helping you to also find the right ratio for your particular health needs.


  • Eat & Don’t Eat Foods List We all know deprivation diets don’t work in the long term, and hormones are a long-term challenge. For this reason, I created a list that provides an endless variety of delicious, nutrient-dense options based on the research from leaders in the field. Don’t be surprised if you start to notice a difference within a few days!

  • The 60+ Amazing Recipe Guide includes mouthwatering, vegetarian and omnivore, all-family style recipes that are hand-crafted by a professional chef. Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars on a professional in-house chef, prepare incredible recipes on your own. I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you try these!

  • 2 Sets- 3 Weeks of Meal Suggestions & Shopping Lists for Vegetarians AND Omnivores, because everyone is different. Even if you don’t want to eat vegetarian meals all the time, you have other options to fall back on. There are probably a few “safe zones” that you like to stick to in the grocery store so that you can get in and get out. These versatile recipe options allow you to shop comfortably without getting overwhelmed.

  • In-depth functional medicine intake You’ll be asked questions you’ve likely never been asked by a doctor before (yes...whether or not you were breast-fed 30+ years ago DOES matter!) which will allow me to puzzle-piece and develop a personalized plan towards perfecting your unique hormonal balanced axis.

  • A Food Diary is essential if you want to make a real change, we all know that any restrictive diet requires discipline and processes. This Food Diary will keep you accountable!

  • Disrupting Endocrine Chemicals Handout You’re already exploring every avenue out there to get a handle on your hormonal issues. There isn’t a single “secret” or quick fix option that is worth spending your money on, and the hottest “pill” or “chew” is often made without high fructose corn syrup and useless, harmful chemicals. It’s time to start using the best natural ways to break through your hormonal imbalance by avoiding the chemicals that are commonly found in many foods..

  • Handout on Roadblocks to Hormone Recovery is the final step to help identify which lifestyle habits wreak havoc on your hormones. Use this checklist as a way to keep yourself in check, and maintain that sense of empowerment that you started with.

  • Weekly accountability calls from me and my staff to ensure you’re on the right track and making progress every step of the way. No “slacking” in this program! We’re ready for REAL and sustainable results!

  • Two Additional modules shared along with “weekly homework” based on the specific areas you need for improvement (such as sleep, stress, thyroid, sugar, libido, self-care, and more!)

PLUS you get a BONUS 30-Minute Post-Strategy Session with me when you sign up now.

Your investment in yourself is only $1997 (or 3 monthly payments of $699).

Frequently Asked Questions:



Absolutely not! A common misconception about eating clean or eating vegetarian is that your options are limited. This is simply untrue, there are plenty of meat substitutes that provide an incredible amount of protein. They’re filling, fibrous, and easier for your body to process than actual “processed” food. Trust me, you’ll be eating a lot more than juices and fruit salads. PLUS –– you get TWO recipe guides… with meat or without. Your choice, your program!



You’ll never be pressured to take supplements or unnatural substances that would cause disruption in your body. This is simply a switch to more organic, healthy foods as opposed to whatever it is you may have been eating before! You’ll want to drink more fluids and eat a bit more protein than usual, otherwise you’ll be perfectly fine. Of course, always consult your doctor.



This is where I highly recommend sharing the meal plans and testing results with your personal physician before starting. You can always adjust the meals to accommodate your health needs! While this program is based on eating only whole foods, it is still advised that you consult your physician before beginning this or any program

Note: It is important to consult your physician before beginning any new eating or exercise program. This is a clean eating wellness program designed to teach you the difference between foods that inflame you and foods that fuel you. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




Not at all, these recipes are designed to cater to those who need an especially clean diet. No matter what your eating habits look like now, this plan will help you to make them better.

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